The Sisu course is a 5 week programme from Golddigger Trust for young people wanting to better manage their emotions. 

Sisu: See-Soo (noun)

Extraordinary endurance in the face of adversity. Persistence, bravery, determination, guts, courage, grit, tenacity, resolve, will power and an indominatable spirit. The strength to get through the things you once thought were impossible to handle. An action mindset giving you the power to see beyond your present situation and into what might be.

This 5 week course aims to provide you with some key tools to help you to tackle stress, anxiety or low moods and manage behaviours, such as negative or suicidal thoughts, disordered eating or self-harm. 

Over the weeks we will be helping you to understand yourself; to discover what triggers your positve and negative emotions, and to explore your individual needs when you’re facing tough times. Our hope is that you’ll uncover a number of key things you can rely on to help you to feel calm, secure, safe, happy and alive and know how to use them to fight against negative thoughts.   

The Sisu course runs either in small groups (single or mixed gender) or in 1:1 mentoring sessions and is led by our team of experienced youth workers.  

Apply for a space on one of our courses by filling out this form.