In 2005, three women came together to explore the idea of creating a project that would support young people with their self-esteem and life choices, empowering them to understand and embrace the treasure within.

Motivated by their Christian faith, our founders; Rachel Scott, Amanda Toombs and Claire Altamura believed that each young person has the potential and ability to live a full and positive life, and strived to see transformation through empowering young people to make positive, informed choices for themselves. Over the years, many things have changed and Golddigger Trust became a registered charity in 2007, and a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2016, reflecting the growth in the Trust’s work and vision. Over the years the work has gone from strength to strength, with many more great youth workers catching the vision and joining the team, and new projects being launched to adapt the Trust’s work to emerging needs.

Today, more than 13 years since its inception, Golddigger Trust has worked with tens of thousands of young people and seen real, lasting change in the lives of young men and women through a number of creative and innovative projects.

The future looks very bright as we work with more young people, develop more projects and share our resources with others across the UK, all the while seeing lives transformed as we unearth the hidden value in some of the country's most vulnerable young people.