'Choose Your Own Adventure' - a one-off session for young people or professionals, exploring issues of CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation), E-safety and abusive relationships.

This interactive giant ‘choose your own adventure’ style session, launched in 2016, for groups of 13-18 year olds (Y9-13) or those working with young people takes you on a journey, exploring choices and consequences around life issues and risks such as meeting strangers, e-safety, child sexual exploitation and abusive relationships. Groups will negotiate their way through some tough decisions with the help of thought provoking activities, as they navigate their character through some challenging situations in this exciting, larger than life board game. 


Who is this for?

Young people: Sessions are for groups of 15-30 young people at a time (ideal group size 20) and due to the sensitive issues explored, are most appropriate for y9+ (younger year groups can participate at your discretion). Groups can be of mixed or single gender, and the majority of the session will be spent working in small groups of 4-5. Sessions are written to fit into a school timetable or extra curricular setting.

Adults: This session is perfect for youth leaders, parents, teachers and other workers who regularly come into contact with young people. The session can be extended to include further 'taught' content from our expert team, equipping you to understand the relationship issues facing young people and 'walk a mile in their shoes'.

What topics are covered?

Small groups will follow a ‘storyline’, making difficult decisions for their character and their relationships. Each storyline has a specific focus around child sexual exploitation and/or abusive relationships, exploring issues around online safety, meeting strangers, domestic abuse, sexting, drug abuse, self-harm and personal safety.


When and where?

Sessions last 1 hour- 90 minutes and we require a large, clear room (hall or drama studio would be ideal) with access at least 45 minutes prior to the first session to set up the ‘game’. Sessions can be booked as stand alone sessions, but due to set up times, work best as half or full days (2/4 sessions per day). Contact us for to discuss available dates.

Who runs the sessions?

The ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ sessions are written and led by experienced youth workers from Golddigger Trust, an award winning charity working with vulnerable young people in Sheffield and across the UK. For sessions with young people, we ask that you provide at least one member of staff to support the session and be responsible for their behaviour and welfare.


For more information on costs, dates and to book these sessions for your institution, please contact bookings@golddiggertrust.co.uk or call 0114 327 1191.