Caring for our own wellbeing...

Today (10th October) is World Mental Health Day, and here at Golddigger Trust, we work with hundreds of young people each year, many of whom struggle with their mental and emotional wellbeing, but who have found hope and a positive way forward through our support. 

We are passionate about equipping young people with self-confidence and skills to invest in their own wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of those around them, and it has been amazing to see young people discover more about themselves and what helps them. There is a wide spectrum to our mental and emotional wellbeing, and in our individual likes and personal preferences, and so to celebrate this year’s World Mental Health Day and challenge the imminent dark evenings, here’s the Golddigger Trust team are sharing what ‘works for them’ when they’re having a difficult time… 

Kate – ‘I look after my wellbeing by learning about myself and how I relax - being creative, drinking tea, chatting with a friend or a long bubble bath! I also like to take naps and manage my time - learn to say no so I'm not too busy to take care of my wellbeing!’

Joe – ‘I like to mix it up with a variety of things including making loud music, cycling everywhere, playing board games with friends and some occasional meditation & mindfulness.’

Beth- ‘When I’m feeling a bit stressed, I find it helpful to pick a few hours when I’d usually be busy and block it out in my diary for some ‘me time’. Often a few hours of doing nothing much, reading a book or watching tv, with a big mug of hot chocolate and some pastries!’ 

Naomi - ‘One of the most helpful things I try to do when I am feeling overwhelmed is to take some time to remember all of the things I am thankful for in my life and to remind myself of things I am looking forward to in the future. I ideally like to do this with yummy food, a coffee and my favourite people.’

James – ‘I look after my wellbeing by having a laugh with my wife and little girl and playing games, especially with good friends’

Hannah – ‘I look after my wellbeing by learning more about who I am - figuring out what is wrong helps me learn to approach things differently next time, be kinder to myself and know that we are all different and all incredibly VALUABLE no matter our mistakes.’

Alice – ‘I try and give myself time and space to process my thoughts and get some brain space. Sometimes this is in the jacuzzi, a walk in the park or having a cup of coffee somewhere quiet.’

Andy – ‘I give myself 'downtime' to relax with no agenda or plans to worry about. And if things ever get too much, putting on some music and building a Lego model helps to keep me centred!’

Mandy- ‘I try to start the day in prayerful gratitude. Even better, getting out for a walk, whatever the weather and listing all the things I am grateful for as I tackle a steep hill.’

Chloe- ‘Exercise together is fun.  I am not competitive, but I enjoy running the Parkrun with my family & friends even though my 8 yr old beats me!’

What do you find helps you to relax and appreciate your worth? To help us all think about different ways we can look after our wellbeing, we’ve created our ‘kicking autumns butt’ challenge that you can download here! Feel free to share and encourage your friends to invest in their wellbeing this autumn. 

We’re all individuals in need of different things for different days and moods. Sometimes we need to connect with others, or to shift our focus onto wider and bigger things, sometimes we need to use our hands and create, or move our bodies and release those endorphins and then there are times we need to pause, stop to reflect, breathe and rest. Why not try something new this autumn and discover a new way to appreciate yourself?! Happy October all!!!

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Beth Stout