Leaders Training Courses

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Since Spring 2013, Golddigger Trust have been training other organisations outside of Sheffield to deliver our acclaimed ‘I’m The Girl I Want To Be’ and ‘Made Of More’ courses in their locality. Having changed hundreds of lives in Sheffield, we’re excited to see Training has proved already to be a huge success, with participants on the first leaders course hailing it as “by far the best course and resource they had ever experienced!”

Training takes place over 2 days, compromising of 6 sessions of led teaching and discussion. The main training sessions consist of:
    •    Taking you through the ‘I’m The Girl I Want To Be’/’Made Of More’ course step by step, explaining and practically leading a number of activities and sessions.
    •    Helping you to personalise the course with your stories and experiences, with support if needed in processing your relevant life experiences.
    •    Session looking at creating the best atmosphere and space for your course, and looking at the specifics of working with young women/men and the issues that effect them.
    •    Led Q and A session, looking at how you can best promote, recruit and sell the ‘I’m The Girl I Want To Be’/’Made Of More’ course in your context and locality.
    •    Lots of time to network and learn from others within the room (learning community style problem solving).

Each training course includes:
    •    Training for 2 female/male professionals (depending on the gender of the course).
    •    Complimentary lunch and ongoing refreshments throughout the training days.
    •    Comprehensive leaders guide, with session and activity outlines and resource DVD.
    •    Full resource kit- we do all of the designing, printing, laminating and collating for you, providing you with a high quality resource kit that will make you go ‘WOW’!
    •    Professionally printed creative resources to facilitate around 4 courses (48 course participants).
    •    Delivery license for 3 years.
    •    Ongoing Support- including online one on one Q&A sessions and access to new resources, responding to current media and trending issues. Ability to publicise your courses and organisation online at www.imthegirl.co.uk / www.madeofmore.co.uk   (coming soon)

Each course costs £600 per organisation, with an early bird discount of £50 available for bookings completed 1 month before the training date. A 20% discount is also available for registered charities. Additional places for extra team members can be purchased for £190 per person, along with extra resources. Please note that the ‘I’m The Girl I Want To Be’/’Made Of More’ courses are run independently of each other, and places are not interchangeable between these courses.  To book a place on a course, or to request more information, click here.