Mandy Toombs

Founder and Creative Director 


Beth Stout

Chief Executive

 StaffMandy      StaffBeth 2016
Back in 2005, Mandy had a dream to support young people around issues of self esteem and so, alongside co-founders Rachel and Claire, began Golddigger Trust. Having worked in youth work for a number of years in Sheffield, Birmingham, Kent and Norfolk before founding the Trust, Mandy was hugely aware of the need for honesty and the need to face up to the 'real issues' in Youth Work with girls, and drew on her experience and skills to devise the 'I'm The Girl I Want To Be' course and music project, Golddigger. Mandy is passionate about working creatively with young people and creating excellent resources and projects that are effective and relevant. Alongside forming the 'Senior Leadership Team' with Beth, Mandy oversees the creative elements of Golddigger Trust, maintaining our values of innovation and excellence through developing our current resources and forming new projects and ideas. Mandy is married to Joel, has three fantastic children and enjoys party planning, long muddy walks and decorating, and has a brilliant ability to make everything look pretty!

    Beth joined Golddigger Trust in 2009 and following 4 years as Co-Director alongside Mandy, became Chief Executive in 2013. Prior to joining the Trust, Beth worked for a variety of youth work charities and faith based organisations, specialising in strategy, event management and hands-on youth work in urban and deprived areas. Beth is a popular communicator and commentator at conferences and within national media. Beth oversees the strategic and operational development of Golddigger Trust, helping us to help more young people, and is a natural visionary and leader. In her spare time, Beth helps lead her local church and alongside everything else,  is currently writing her dissertation to complete the MSc in Charity Resource Management at Sheffield Business School. She now has more letters after her name than in it as she holds the Insititute of Fundraising Diploma in Fundraising (MInstFDip), ACIE Certificate in Charitable Accounting and the ICEAW Diploma in Charitable Accounting (DChA)! Beth is married to Dave, mum to a little baby girl, is a Liverpudlian (even if she doesn't sound it) and loves cooking, games nights and having a house full of people!




Andy Stuart

 'Made of More' Project Coordinator


Conor Merrison

'Made of More' Project Coordinator

GDTSTAFF Andy Stuart


Conor Photo

Andy joined the Golddigger Trust staff team in September 2017, working alongside Conor. Prior to joining Golddigger Trust, Andy worked for Soulroots Youth Community in South Sheffield for 6 years as a full-time youth worker, and studied Youth Work & Theology with CYM Oxford for the 3 years prior. Having been involved in youth work for the last 12 years, his biggest passion has become seeing young people grow and mature, and being part of their lives as they do. Though Sheffield is now his adopted home, Andy is originally from Manchester and (as a result) is a big Man City fan. Less easy to explain is his love of American sports and his following of NBA & NFL teams! He enjoys pub quizzes, board game nights, roast dinners and video games.

Conor joined Golddigger Trust in January 2016 and works as a Made Of More Project Coordinator alongside Andy. Having graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 2013 with a 2.1 in Sport Event Management, Conor went onto to work as a Teaching Assistant and a Cover Supervisor at one of the largest secondary schools in Sheffield. He has also been a Youth Leader at his local Youth Club for the past eight years (refused to leave at 16!). His passion lies in empowering and supporting young people, and felt drawn to the work that we do. Conor is also a rapper/ singer/ songwriter/ producer and one half of a Sheffield based R&B duo, another important part of his life. Conor enjoys making music in the studio, playing football, traveling to new places around the world, and most! (burgers especially). 




Alice Watts

Girls Project Worker 


Hannah Butler

Fundraising and Finance Officer


 GDT Staff Alice

    GDT STAFF Hannah Butler

Alice has been part of Golddigger Trust since September 2017 and is passionate about working with and supporting those deemed most vulnerable and on the fringes of society. She has previously worked in a residential setting and a college supporting people with autism, learning disabilities and additional needs, and worked for 2 years as part of YFC's Reflex team, teaching creative crafts in HMP Low Newton and supporting young offenders in the North East.

With a background in drama having studied Theatre and Performance in Newcastle, Alice met her husband while she was working for Riding Lights Theatre company, and has since found herself helping out as an actress, cake maker and shaky boom operator at times with the film company he runs with his brother. They have two young children who help keep their dreams alive!

Alice enjoys a good coffee and a chat, preferably accompanied by cake and is trying to find the best place to do this where the kids can play instead of stealing the froth off her cappuccino! 


Hannah joined Golddigger Trust in June 2016 to work alongside Beth to best resource all of the brilliant work the Trust does. Hannah is passionate about seeing young people realising their self- worth, discovering their potential and living it out. She is thrilled to be able to bring her 12 years of work experience in a number of jobs (including youth worker, community worker, young adults church leader, bid-writer, administrator and more besides) into a kind of synergy in this new role. Hannah has a degree in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics, and a Masters in Applied Anthropology, Community and Youthwork from Goldsmiths University. Hannah is married to Toby and has 2 small children who keep her on her toes (and another one on the way!)! Hannah is a southerner but Sheffield has won her heart since moving here 3 years ago. Hannah co-leads the 18-30s ministry at The Well church with Toby and also teached piano and flute. Hannah loves being outside in the sun, walking in the Peaks, playing netball (and rugby pre-children!) and dreaming of places she'll go travelling when the kids are older.




Hannah Orrell 

Girls Project Worker


Hannah-Rose Chester

 Graduate Volunteer Programme (Girls Work)

GDT STAFF Hannah Orrell     GDT STAFF Hanah Chester

Hannah O joined the Golddigger Trust staff team in September 2017 and is super excited to be in her dream job, helping young people to discover their true potential. Originally from Dudley, Hannah came to Sheffield 7 years ago to study Education, Psychology and Counselling at Sheffield Hallam University, and she has recently qualified as an Intergrative Counsellor, with a Professional Diploma in Intergrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. Hannah has previously worked with women and girls in sex work in Thailand, and has more recently worked in colleges and on the Sheffield Rape Crisis helpline, using her counselling skills and amazing approachability to help people understand their value. 

Hannah loves to be active and is currently training for the London Marathon, and also enjoys hanging out with her housemates and cooking up lovely food! 

    After some volunteering over the summer of 2017, Hannah decided to join Golddigger Trust part time on the ’Graduate Volunteer Programme’. Hannah hasn’t actually graduated yet, but is taking a year out between 2nd and 3rd year of studying Classics at Newcastle University to vounteer at Golddigger Trust. But Hannah’s involvement with the Trust goes way back, as she was actually involved as a young person when she took part in an 'I'm the Girl I Want To Be' course when she was 13, amongst other activities, and now she loves to give back and help girls understand their value and worth. Hannah is a brilliant artist and does lots of design work for Golddigger Trust (like designing our Christmas cards!) and she likes drawing for people and doing pretty writing, which comes in handy at her part time job at a wellknown coffee shop! Hannah loves hanging out with friends, drinking earl grey tea and dancing!


Susie Hewson

'I'm The Girl I Want To Be' Sessional Worker (Health lead) 



Susie brings exceptional knowledge and expertise to the team through her experience as a specialist nurse here in Sheffield. Susie has many years worth of experience working with vulnerable young people and health, including having previously worked as the health lead at a secure children's home, and now part time as a CSE specialist nurse. Susie is part of our 'I'm The Girl I Want To Be' delivery team in schools and youth groups and helped to develop our 'Sisu' course with Mandy. Susie brings her contageous enthusiasm and professionalism to everything she does and is a brilliant asset to the team. Susie is married to Cliff and has two lovely sons, and is always inspiring the rest of the team with her dedication to early morning exercise!